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Evolution Security Podcast

Mar 7, 2023

This show we have one of the most influential rock guitarists, musicians and song writers in Aaron and Eric’s upbringing; Jason Bieler of Saigon Kick and his latest band, Jason Bieler and The Baron Von Bielski Orchestra.  He provides some incredible insight into the music industry, his song writing routine and how he stays fit on the road and at home.  The connection for our loyal audience is certainly salient to mindset and discipline.  

For more about Jason, how to get his latest album and more:

Special Intro and Outro Music by:

Jason Bieler and The Baron Von Bielski Orchestra 

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Evolution Security is Eric Davis, Aaron Davis and Brian Schilt; specializing in self-protection education, defensive pistol and carbine, consulting, and weapons based grappling.  Their mission is to help those serious about protecting themselves and their loved ones, become more capable though filtered information, recommended study, and highlighting their mentors who are the best in the field.   In addition, Eric and Aaron (twins) are musicians keeping with Musashi’s adage that martial artist should focus on art outside of the martial (bumper music recorded by the brothers).