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Evolution Security Podcast

Nov 2, 2023

In this show the twins talk about the current trend of ammo prices starting to climb and what may be causing it.  They also hit on the conflict in Israel and how Iran may be behind it.  Lastly, they pose the question, is there a greater possibility of terrorism in the US because of current world events?  In addition, the US border crisis may also be contributing to this increased threat posture.  

Vista Outdoors Sell 

Hornady Explosion - Grand Island

Hezbollahs Operations and Networks in US - Two Decades in review - George Washington University's_Operations_and_Networks_in_the_United_States_June30_2022.pdf

Warfare By immigration - Brian Kennedy

Hamas attacks reminder that sleeper cells are crossing southern border, expert warns: 'They're already here' - Andrew Mark Miller - Fox News