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Evolution Security Podcast

May 29, 2024

Combatives Summit - 20-22 Sep 2024  D’lberville Mississipi

The Barbebell Prescription -   Book 

Weight Belt -  Rogue Echo belt -  

Get The Law of Self-Defense Book for free -  

Jocko Letter regarding Way of the Warrior Kid book influence;

The Way of the Warrior Kid Book 

Upcoming EvoSec Training Events:

EvoSec Defensive Pistol 2 Course - 6/1/24

EvoSec Improving Grip and Stance 6/22/24

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Tenicor – they are educators, and innovators in the holster market.  They are firearms instructors themselves, pressure testing their gear in multiple force on force events every year.  We support those who do the work.  

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