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Evolution Security Podcast

Dec 13, 2020

Pete is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black belt who had a brilliant vision...bring back American manufacturing. In a world of outsourcing and insurmountable roadblocks to US companies, Pete and his employees have proven everyone wrong. Making the best Jiu-Jitsu Gis available and Jeans out of cotton grown in the US, and woven on looms from the US textile past. They also make boots, industry leading supplements, rash guards, exercise equipment and more.  

In this episode, Pete talks about how Origin started, how difficult the path has been and gives us insight into how his work ethic has contributed to the companies success. He also gives us some phenomenal philosophical deep dives into what Jiu-Jitsu means to him helping us all learn a new way of thinking about the way.  

As normal, the crew hit on music with Pete, but he pulls a major black belt move on the tactical twins that was a blast.  The crew then move into accountability of the week.

Origin USA - Handcrafted in America, Without Compromise. ( Use EVOSEC10 at checkout for 10% off.   Use EVOSEC at checkout for 10% off at checkout.  

Drill of the week:

4 strings of the Valor Ridge Rifle Standards, Credit Reid Henrichs:

On Valor Ridge target.  Can also use IDPA or the Rangemaster Q target (8 inch center) as well.

Each string starts with your safety on, this is a MUST. 

String 1 - 50 yards, start position standing at the ready, on the buzzer drop to  kneeling, fire 2 shots, then drop to prone and fire two more shots.  Par time 15 sec

String 2 - 25 yards from low ready, on the buzzer fire 6 rounds to the body in 10 sec.

String 3 - 15 yards at low ready, on the buzzer fire one round to the head in 3 sec - you will do this 5 times individually.

String 4 - 7 yards, on buzzer fire 2 to the body in 1.5 sec, you will does this string 3 times.

21 rounds total, you are allow 1 round out of either the head circle/triangle or 8 inch circle for a pass, all under par.