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Evolution Security Podcast

Jan 26, 2021

This episode we invite John Daub of KR training on the show.  John is co-author of the very influential book, Strategies and standards for Defensive Handgun Training.  If you have been a listener to the show for a while you will recall, this book was part catalyst in EvoSec being founded.  The book dives deep into the statistic that only 1% of firearms owners actually train. It then goes into providing some incredible shooting drills for our improvement and a road to improve.  John is a certified Master Instructor under Tom Givens of Rangemaster, OC Spray instructor under Chuck Haggard, NRA Instructor, Force Science Institute Analyst, martial artist and much more. He is also a software engineer by day where his company HSOI Enterprises produces software for iOS (iPhone, iPad) WatchOS, and OS X.  He provides some of his great wisdom on a plethora of subjects from shooting, fitness, fitness philosophy, music and more.   

John's Blog

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Drill of the week:  Carbine -  Easy week tightening up our carbine marksmanship.  At 50 or 100 yards, your choice, three position slow fire - 10 rounds slow fire for groups from Standing, Kneeling, and prone 30 rounds total.  Focus on getting your natural point of aim, eliminate muscling the position, and pressing the trigger at your respiratory pause.  There is no time limit, just 30 rounds of slow deliberate fire.