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Evolution Security Podcast

Nov 1, 2022

EvoSec Defensive Pistol and Combatives and Weapons Integration - 16 hr course 19-20 Nov 2022 in Tulsa Oklahoma.  

This gear and mindset episode Aaron gives an update on his shorty AR15, let's just say its a political but still its a badass AR.  Aaron also mentioned an excellent video called Why everyone needs an AR15 by T.Rex Arms.  This video gives a historical perspective on the origin of firearms in this nation and destroys the myth that "military" arms are somehow different than civilian arms.  Also it refutes the lefts laughable rhetoric towards the AR15 in the hands of civilians as being weapons of war.  

Eric arrives to the show fresh out of the Modern Samurai Projects Red Dod Instructor class and gives some minor details of how awesome the class was.  Stay tuned for a in-depth After Action Review (AAR) with Scott Jedlinski in the next couple of weeks.  

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Evolution Security is Eric Davis, Aaron Davis and Brian Schilt; specializing in self-protection education, defensive pistol and carbine, consulting, and weapons based grappling.  Their mission is to help those serious about protecting themselves and their loved ones, become more capable though filtered information, recommended study, and highlighting their mentors who are the best in the field.   In addition, Eric and Aaron (twins) are musicians keeping with Musashi’s adage that martial artist should focus on art outside of the martial (bumper music recorded by the brothers).