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Evolution Security Podcast

Jun 6, 2020

This week we have Dr. William Aprill back on the show to hit on some very timely subjects.  William is the self-protection industry leader in knowing the criminals mind and the protectors mind and how to use this knowledge to keep us safer.  Some of the topics discussed are the phycological effects of the COVID 19 lockdowns and economic impacts, and current riots spurred by George Floyd's death at the hands of negligent police officers.  William also gives us some insight into the mindset of rabble rousing protestors and how they take advantage of and hijack legitimate protests committing violence and anarchy.  Lastly the crew discusses William's preferred weapons and dry fire tools.  The crew then hits on accountability of the week and prescribe the drill of the week which will be a test, re-test of the Todd Green FAST Drill.

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