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Evolution Security Podcast

Feb 25, 2020

Dr. Sherman House - The Civilian Defender

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Sherman is in his second decade as a medical health care provider. He is Dentist and Reserve Police Officer just outside of Nashville TN. Dr. House is the originator of the CIVILIAN DEFENDER training concept. He has personally saved lives using his extensive emergency medical knowledge. He has also studied extensively in the defensive arts, self-defense law, emergency medicine, criminal psychology, tactical driving and other survival skills.

He is a firearms instructor with certificates from Tom and Lynn Givens as a Rangemaster-Certified Pistol AND Shotgun Instructor), and he was a resident instructor under James Yeager of Tactical Response. Other very prominent instructors Sherman has trained with is Paul Gomez, Gabe White, John Farnam ( as a DTI Instructor), Greg Sullivan, Rob Edwards  John Chapman, Dr. William Aprill of April Risk Consulting,  Massad Ayoob (MAG20), Larry Vickers (AK Operator), Lee Weems, Dave Spaulding, Andrew Branca of the Law of Self Defense to name a few.

Stay tuned to  the end for the EvoSec crews accountability of the week. 

Drill of the week:  The 4567 Credit to the late Todd Green and Chris Edwards

Target PDF for drill:

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