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Evolution Security Podcast

Apr 28, 2020

This is our second show with Chris.  He is a decorated SWAT officer with more than 20 years of experience in patrol and SWAT operations and use of force subjects. He works in the South West Washington/Portland metro area and is a martial arts and firearms instructor focusing on enhancing clientele in close quarters capabilities for extreme close quarter’s encounters in both professional applications and personal defense. Chris is one of only 2 fully certified instructors under Craig Douglas of Shivworks.

Decorations:  He is the recipient of a Purple Heart, a Medal of Valor, and a state law enforcement Medal of Honor.

This week we talk about the current state of Law Enforcement, politics surrounding LE, the nations current attitude towards LE and most importantly the fact that Chris believes that LE is moving in the right direction.  Please support our police officers, without them it is impossible to have a civil society.   Go to Chris' outstanding blog for martial topics at a intellectual level beyond the norm.

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Drill of the week  KR Training's 3 seconds or less drill - also download the target here as well.