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Evolution Security Podcast

May 9, 2020

This show we have the pleasure of interviewing Jeff Mau the CEO of Tenicor. Jeff is a former Law Enforcement patrol and SWAT officer for a Pacific North West agency and was a firearms instructor for Insights Training Center in Seattle WA. Jeff has turned his innovative focus to building Tenicor into a very successful Holster, Gear and Training company. In this episode we talk business acumen, Jeff’s philosophy on success, and his personal training along with some training events the EvoSec Crew have participated in with Jeff. He also provides the EvoSec crew advice helpful to new businesses and how to leverage the new social media for successful marketing. Jeff  and his crew self-select into the toughest training in the industry which allows them to test their gear in that environment and to get feedback from a host of people and other professionals. Jeff personally has attended 1000s of hrs of professional training, and has yet to miss a Shivworks ECQC course that EvoSec has hosted. Jeff always brings a superb tactical acumen to any training event he is either participating in or teaching himself. Tune in to this master class episode.

We are giving away a Tenicor Holster!  See directions below.

Drill of the week is the Gila Hayes 5x5 drill with Claude Werner The Tactical Proffesor's additional repetitions.  Thank you to Lucky Gunner for having a printable target below.  Please support them, they are a good place to get ammo for great deals and they put out excellent info for free.

For a Chance to win a Tenicor Holster:

There are two ways to win, 1. Go to and look for the pop up or the hot button at the bottom of the screen to enter your email for our newsletter.   2. Go to our Instagram @evosecusa and find the Jeff Mau episode post, like the post, follow us and tag a friend in the comments. You can enter using both methods and can tag as many people as you like on Instagram. This will increase your odds of winning. Make sure you are subscribed to our podcast and ask your friend to subscribe and follow us as well. We will draw a random winner on 29 May.