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Evolution Security Podcast

May 30, 2020

This week we have legendary mentor to us all, Massad Ayoob.  Mas has likely been a contributor and mentor to everyone serous about self-defense, firearms, and the law for over 40 years  He is a prolific author and has been an instructor to most of the current industry leaders.  Conversely, he has always been and still is a student and has trained and collaborated with the current legends in the field.  He is retained to train lawyers in how to deal with self-defense cases and is one of the most sought after expert witnesses.

 In this show we discuss his books, his opinion on the use of lighter triggers in self defense pistols, self-defense "insurance", defensive use of the new craze in AR-15s the AR pistol and much more.  Mas also provides incredible advise on how to deal with law enforcement after defended yourself with a firearm, and how you can shape yourself to be the good guy in the eyes of the law.  This  episode is one you should save for posterity. 

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Please checkout Mas' website, purchase his books and check out his training schedule to get some world class training.  We just did a review is his latest book Straight Talk on Armed Defense, what the Experts want you to know.  It is a must have book for everyone serious about self-defense.

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