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Evolution Security Podcast

Jul 6, 2020

Paul Sharp of Straight Blast Gym Illinois and Sharp Defense comes on the show to provide some additional much needed perspective on the current anti-police sentiment, the state of Law Enforcement and the current riots. Paul is a veteran Elgin Illinois police officer, a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu and is a preeminent expert on multidisciplinary and integrated martial arts under the Shivworks Collective.  Paul hits on some history around previously used police weaponry and tactics in the 30-40s such as full auto BARs, military L-ambushes, and more,, yet the current attitude towards police is that they are too militarized.  Paul picks that myth and many more apart and provides some insight into his training philosophy and his incredible work ethic in the gym.  Paul shows us that he is a true lover of music and the EvoSec crew closes out the show with their accountability and the drill of the week.

EvoSec Drill of the week.  From 5 yards, 2 IDPA targets 3 feet apart.  String 1- Draw and fire 1 shot in T1 and one shot into T2.  Sting-2  Same drill except 2 shots on T1 and T2..  String 3- Repeat but with 3 shots on each T1 and T2.   Total up all three times, and add 1 sec added for any points down on the target.