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Evolution Security Podcast

Nov 20, 2020

This episode we have the preeminent expert of Self Defense Law - Andrew Branca on the show. Arguably the only attorney in the nation that focuses purely on self defense law giving him expertise that all of us should seek. Andrew is also the author of the book, The Law of Self Defense, which will educate you on the principles needed to keep you out of legal trouble. It can not be over emphasized, if you use lethal force you WILL go through some form of legal proceedings, even if it is "cut and dry."  As gun owners the majority of us do not focus on being prepared for the legal fight, this lack of education can certainly affect our lives drastically and can result in spending the rest of our lives in prison.  Also in this episode the crew discusses Legal Assistance memberships and their efficacy.  Lastly, in the accountability section Eric speaks on his recent experience in taking and graduating from the Rangemaster Instructor Development and Certification course.  

For Andrew's wealth of online sources, and to access his Q and A sessions:

The Law of Self Defense book:

The Drill of the Week -  Trident Concepts modified Navy qual

50 yards on 8 inch circle (pie plate, IDPA center, etc) - 3 mags of 5 rounds each.   On go, fire 5 rounds from standing - reload - 5 rounds kneeling - reload - 5 rounds prone.  Any miss adds 5 points, any second over par adds 2 points -  Any second under par is -1 point.  Everyone starts with 0 points - Marksman = 26 -40 points - Sharpshooter = 10 - 25 points - Expert less then 9 points.  EVOSEC at checkout for 10% off. EVOSEC10 at checkout for 10% off.