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Evolution Security Podcast

Mar 10, 2021

This episode we invite Lieutenant Chris Lapre to the show. He is a SWAT Commander for Pinal Country Arizona Sherriff's department and runs Asymmetric Options. Asymmetric Options provides training in firearms and tactics to Law Enforcement, Military and Civilians. Chris also leads training at his agency, providing opportunities for both himself and his deputies to train with the top instructors in the industry multiple times a year.  Just recently, Eric and Chris took the Rangemaster Pistol Instructor and Certification course together where Chris was one of the top shooters.  Chris also is an avid JiuJitisu practitioner and trains in combatives and weapons based grappling on a regular basis.  This show the EvoSec Crew talk with Chris about his law enforcement career and his life of dedication to keeping himself sharp and the lives of his deputies and community safer.

For more info on Chris, please follow him on Instagram @asymmetricoptions and also his website Asymmectric Options – Training, tactics, tradition. (   Instagram and Facebook @evosecusa  use EVOSEC at checkout for 10% off.

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