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Evolution Security Podcast

Mar 26, 2021

This episode we welcome Kyle Defoor of Defoor-Proformance- Shooting to the show.  Kyle is a former Navy SEAL Sniper, member of DEVGRU and is a professional shooter teaching pistol, carbine and rifle to a new standard. His use of shooting the B8 Bull at speed on his established standards has influenced the firearms industry undeniably.  With tours to Bosnia, Afghanistan, and other real world applications he has honed his philosophy on what makes everyone more capable.  He teaches open enrolment classes all throughout the US, and also closed classes to the top units in the US military and Law Enforcement.  Kyle places all of his standards on his website, check them out here Kyle's tests    We prescribe his Pistol Test 1 for the drill of the week (See link below). 

This episode we talk about Kyle's up bringing, his time in BUD/S and in the Teams We then move into his training business and even hit on his thoughts on red dots on pistols.  

Check out Kyle's website, support him and yourself by getting into one of his classes.  They go quick so if you see a class near you jump on it.

Check him out on instagram @defoorproformanceshooting

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Drill of the week:

Defoor Pistol Test 1