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Evolution Security Podcast

Sep 13, 2022

Aaron Davis begins the show by reading an article about the lefts attempt to start banning body armor after some recent high profile mass murders were armor was worn by the killer, specifically Buffalo Body armor can protect all of us incase of a home invasion, mass chaos, riots, or simply civilians want to wear incase their locale is super dangerous. But to the left, they see it as too much liberty and they want to ban it for civilians yet maintain it specifically for the Government.  Then the crew go over their main chest rigs.

Eric and Aaron then go over their concealed carry rigs both primary and NPE, House carry or gym carry variations, also known in current parlance as Every Day Carry (EDC).  

EvoSec Defensive Pistol and Combatives and Weapons Integration - 16 hr course 19-20 Nov 2022 in Tulsa Oklahoma.  

Or for questions regarding the class:

Crye Precision JPC 2.0 Chest rig 

Aarons Level 3+ armor 

Some of the EDC items mentioned on the show:

Lights:  Steamlight Protac 1L Dual Fuel    Klarus E3 (Eric’s E1 discontinued)

Holsters:  Tenicor Certum 3     Tenicor Velo 4 

Keepers Errand for Erics G43  

Belts:  Tenicor Zero Belt 

Pepper Spray:  POM 

Knives:  Eric’s Spyderco Native 5   Aaron’s Dragon Fly 2

The Shivworks Clinch Pick defensive knife

Medical:  Ryker Ankle Rig    Soft-T Wide Tourniquet   Hyfin Chest Seals  Combat Gauze 

Blue Tooth Earbuds for hands free Comms:  Jabra Elite 65t

Eric’s Wallet 

Eric’s Watch Garmin Instinct Solar 

Fischer Space Pin 

Field Notes water proof notebook 

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Evolution Security is Eric Davis, Aaron Davis and Brian Schilt; specializing in self-protection education, defensive pistol and carbine, consulting, and weapons based grappling.  Their mission is to help those serious about protecting themselves and their loved ones, become more capable though filtered information, recommended study, and highlighting their mentors who are the best in the field.   In addition, Eric and Aaron (twins) are musicians keeping with Musashi’s adage that martial artist should focus on art outside of the martial (bumper music recorded by the brothers).