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Evolution Security Podcast

Oct 19, 2022

EvoSec Defensive Pistol and Combatives and Weapons Integration - 16 hr course 19-20 Nov 2022 in Tulsa Oklahoma. 

Gear and Mindset show 9 Eric and Aaron talk Emergency Comms.  They also talk Low Ready to keep you from legal trouble in a no shoot yet and no shoot scenario and more. 

Good All around Quick Reference Guide for Ham Radio and preparing you for obtaining your license.

Ham Radio 2021 For Technicians, Extras and General License : A 2021 Quick Reference Guide to Obtaining License and Setting up your Amateur Radio Station (Paperback) -

Study App Eric used to study, prepare and take practice tests which led to easily passing both the Technician and General Amateur Radio license exams. 

HAM Test Prep Lite: Technician on the App Store (

Excellent Free Source for all your practice needs: Free Amateur Radio Practice Tests with Flash Cards

MURS Radios

Motorola RMM2050 MURS Two Way Radio (

Inexpensive yet decent quality MURS radios for being on a budget: BTECH MURS-V1 MURS Two-Way Radio, License Free Two-Way Radio for Manufacturing, Retail, Personal, and Business : Electronics

HF Radios

Eric’s Yaesu 857D is now discontinued, but the replacement is very reasonable:

Yaesu FT-891 Yaesu FT-891 HF/50MHz All Mode Mobile Transceivers | DX Engineering

Eric’s Main Rig

Yaesu FT-991A Yaesu FT-991A HF/VHF/UHF Multi-Mode Transceivers | DX Engineering

Inexpensive but decent solar charger for ham radio batteries SOLPERK Solar Panel Kit 20W 12V, Solar Battery Trickle Charger Maintainer + Upgrade Controller + Adjustable Mount Bracket for Boat Car RV Motorcycle Marine Automotive : Everything Else


Newer Preferred DMR radio –

Anytone AT-D878UVII Radio

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Tenicor –