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Evolution Security Podcast

Dec 23, 2019

Owner of Shooting Performance and the American Warrior Society (AWS); Mike is a Marine (Retired), former Federal Air Marshal and FAMS Firearms instructor, and a former police officer. He is a Professional shooter sponsored by Wilson Combat, and just won the 2019 IDPA World Championships and continues to shoot at the highest levels in the world. He is heavily into combatives, Jiu-Jitsu, fitness, medical, self-education, he has the complete defensive package. He and his partner Rich brown have one of the best self-defense podcasts in the industry, please subscribe to the American Warrior Show on your preferred platforms.

On the show the EvoSec crew speak with Mike about his training regimen during the year and prior to major matches. One of the most valuable sections of the show Mike provides a Master Class lecture on visualization as a crucial competitive tool. As normal, Eric, Aaron and Brian close out the show with their accountability of the week and the shooting drill of the week.

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