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Evolution Security Podcast

Mar 21, 2024

Rich Brown is co-owner of the American Warrior Society and the co-host of the American Warrior Show, the self defense industries leading podcast.  He and Mike Seeklander teach firearms, tactics and combatives classes to law enforcement, military and responsible civilians. 

This show we talk with Rich on current...

Mar 14, 2024

Eric and Aaron, talk on their recent accountability on the path.  They also hit on NY Gov Hochul's decision to mobilize the National Guard to violate New Yorker's 4th amendment rights, and frankly their 2nd amendment rights in what has the optics of a police state.  Additionally, the left states that Walls don't work as...

Mar 6, 2024

This episode Eric and Aaron discuss some unique gear not normally reserved for a Gear and Mindset show.  

Eric then tells a story about a contentious confrontation with a colleague at a work training event.  This builds around basic managing unknown contacts, but we sometimes have to manage known contacts that could...