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Evolution Security Podcast

Jul 17, 2024

Finally we have Raul Martinez on the show! We have been talking about having him on for over 2 years…. well the stars have aligned.  We have a excellent time talking about Raul’s philosophy on why he teaches what he teaches, his personal training, and a really fun discussion on music.  

  • Former US Army 
  • Chicago...

Jul 3, 2024

Defending vehicles (property), good or bad - negative outcomes 

Aaron's Grip and Stance Class AAR

Eric's Range Trip with good friend 

Aaron venturing into Reloading 

Adam Scholl's "Tactical Pin" Zebra F-701 Best Ammo for Finding Ammunition 2024 - Guns Mags Reloading |

The Tactical...

Jun 26, 2024


We're excited to have Kirk Clark on for a second time.  We asked Kirk what he considers the shooting skill priorities for the carrying citizen.  As expected, his answers were insightful and slightly different than one might assume.  You'll get a lot out of this discussion.  

Kirk is one of the most accomplished...

Jun 20, 2024

Adam Scholl - Scholl Security Group 

Current full time Combatives and firearms instructor for US Gov Agency. Deploys regularly in support of U.S. Gov in same role. Renzo Gracie BJJ black belt, Krav Maga black belt. 2 karate black belts, and Matt Larsen Combatives Black Belt.  Former LEO, Sgt w tactical unit in...

Jun 12, 2024

This episode we have John Valentine back on to talk about the upcoming Combatives Summit 2, as Eric calls it "the TacCon of Combatives."  This event will be held at American Top Team of D'lberville Mississipi 20-22 Sep 2024.  There is no question, there is a movement inside self-defense and the typical firearms culture,...