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Evolution Security Podcast

Nov 21, 2021

This does not constitute legal advice, Eric and Aaron on not lawyers nor claim to provide this information for that purpose.  This is for discussion sake.  If you have legal questions please consult with legal counsel in your jurisdiction. 

Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted on all charges! This is a victory for liberty the 2nd Amendment and self defense law.  We believe that Kyle being charged at all was an injustice, as even a cursory understanding of the law of self defense and the evidence available in video shows cut and dry self defense.  

We go over some lessons learned for all of us to consider.  

You must have this book if you are serious about self-defense and staying out jail and the poor house (to use Tom Givens phrase):  The Law of Self Defense by Andrew Branca

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Evolution Security is Eric Davis, Aaron Davis and Brian Schilt; specializing in self-protection education, defensive pistol and carbine, consulting, and weapons based grappling.  Their mission is to help those serious about protecting themselves and their loved ones, become more capable though filtered information, recommended study, and highlighting their mentors who are the best in the field.   In addition, Eric and Aaron (twins) are musicians keeping with Musashi’s adage that martial artist should focus on art outside of the martial (bumper music recorded by the brothers).