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Evolution Security Podcast

Oct 26, 2019

Ryan Mayfield is a 14 yr Law Enforcement veteran with 10 yrs on SWAT and was the lead Defensive Tactics/Combatives instructor for his department. 

He currently runs Kodiak Security Solutions, teaching lifesaving, stress inoculating MMA with knives, sticks and guns to 1000s of students. 

His most important attribute is being a critical thinker and a forward thinking defensive tactician. Please join us and keep the note pad close….

This show we discuss Ryan's time in SWAT, his training background, and delve deep into his training philosophy. 

Full Bio

  • Kodiak Security Solutions, LLC
    • “Small Batch” training Since 2001—“MMA w/knives, sticks, and guns”
    • Heavily influenced by Patrol lab results and pre-LE encounters
    • Personally coached 1000s of students between Kodiak, the academy, the PD, and my time as a Criminology Director at a local college.
    • Edged-weapon defense/offense is a specialty
  • 14yrs full-time PD (medically retired 2013, knees)
    • 10yrs on SWAT (Scout/Sniper, Tactical Tracker)
    • Patrol, Street Crimes Unit (High Risk Felon Apprehension Unit) veteran
    • Lead Department DT/Combatives Instructor and Coordinator
    • Lead California P.O.S.T. Academy DT Instructor
    • Multiple critical incidents, decorated
  • Childhood
    • Single mom
      • Both parents fairly renowned horse trainers
      • Grew-up showing and rodeoing
    • Gave riding lessons and broke colts from age 12 through college
      • Horses shaped me as a coach and affected my combative approach/mindset later in life
    • Played college baseball, catcher 
  • Martial Arts
    • Kickboxing—Gene Fields, fought at Strikeforce in 1999
    • CA P.O.S.T. Advanced DT Cert, Aiki-jujitsu/Catch wrestling, Don Cameron & Dave Rose
    • Brazilian Jiu-jitsu “20 year blue belt” under Paul Mendoza, Ralph Gracie BB
    • Multiple ECQC 1/2 grad, and ECQC 3/4 (limited run)
    • Performance Group Leader, JKDU, Burton Richardson
    • Sayoc Tactical Group, Tom Kier
    • Kempo—Ed Bradly
    • Kajukenbo—Tom Theofanopoulos
    • Daito Ryu Aiki-jujitsu—Jim Cummins under Dave Dahmen under Kiyama Sensei
    • Dozens of private-sector classes

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